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Slit Lamp Shields


Our Slit Lamp Shields are sold either individually or in packs.


1 individual shield is $24.00.

5 packs of shields breaks down to $22.00 per shield, totaling $110.

12 packs of shields break down to $20.00 per shield, totaling $240.

*For use of Discount Codes, apply code to quantities of Item Number LS003 (individual shields).


Current Design 2.0 is constructed with:

13” x 10“ x 0.07” PETG - Rounded Edges and Ocular Holes for Adjustability


Our slit lamp shields are manufactured in Ridgeland, South Carolina with the purpose of providing our healthcare professionals with protection from infectious splatter while helping to keep a safe barrier between the examining doctor and patient.


*One-Size-Fits-Most Slit Lamp Design

*Easy to Remove, Clean, and Reuse

*Ability to Easily Reach Controls


* A portion of the proceeds of shield sales will be donated to Volunteers in Medicine as well as the National Alliance on Mental Illness.